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Successful Strategies to fight Obesity and Weight Gain
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Advanced Health & Life Extension

Science Based Natural Health Resources

      This website is dedicated to science based natural health. Here are some of the principles of health care represented here.

  • Each individual has the right and responsibility of being well informed about all of their health care concerns.

  • All health care professions and modalities, both conventional and alternative, have a proper place in the health care system.

  • Preventative health care is wiser and infinitely more cost effective than crisis intervention.

  • Natural health care modalities are preferable to artificial modalities where effective natural modalities are available.

  • The health care modalities that have the least risk of adverse effects should be the first choices where practical.

  • Doctors should encourage their patients to read, research, educate themselves and ask questions about their health conditions.

      The "Research Page" contains links to search tools, libraries and other resources to help you find information on health topics and alternative therapies of interest to you. There are links to a dermatology atlas, the merck manual, medline and other standard medical information sources. The Vitamin Research Library and the Life Extension Magazine archives have extensive information on natural science based health topics.

      Articles on Health Conditions, Therapeutic Modalities and Nutritional Products are listed in the left menu bar.

      I have an affiliate relationship with the Life Extension Foundation. I have used their products both personally and in my practice for over two decades. I use them and offer them here because I have found them to be a reliable, quality conscious company and because of their support for the advancement of science based clinical nutrition

      I am always appreciate suggestions on what topics and utilities to include in this website to make it a more useful health resource. Your feedback and suggestions are cordially invited. Use the "Contact" link here or on the top or bottom menu bar.

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